Bluestone from Pennsylvania and New York is commercially known as bluestone or Pennsylvania Bluestone. These are a group of sandstones
defined as feldspathic greywacke. The sand-sized grains from which bluestone is constituted were deposited in the "Catskill Delta" during the
Middle to Upper Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era, approximately 370 to 345 million years ago. If the initial deposit was made under slow
moving water the ripples of the water action on the sand or mud will be revealed. This deposition process may be seen today at any ocean beach
in shallow water or in a stream bed where conditions allow it to be observed. The term "bluestone" is derived from a deep blue-colored
sandstone first found in Ulster County, New York. Bluestone  from various quarries right here in Ulster County have been historically world
renowned for it's  durability, color and quality.

Being native to the Hudson Valley, and a resident of Ulster County, New York, it is only fitting that we use natural materials from this area.

We are  bringing a small piece of the natural wonder of our valley to your home, by using this bluestone in our projects.